Jack Parow & NP Projek
Attending relatively numerous music festivals (especially, even though mostly unfortunately, Afrikaans festivals) throughout the Western and Northern Cape, I’ve been subjected to watching various terrible artists including the Ray Dylans and Steve Hofmeyers of the Afrikaans music industry (not to mention the ear-stabbing of every festival’s own little Idols competition). Every once in a while though, I run into a great gig that makes up for all the other really shitty ones I have to sit though; Chris Chameleon at Rittelfees, 2008 is one such an example. Another is this weekend’s Jack Parow gig at the Kreeffees, featuring our mates NP Projek.

Jack Parow, the original kômmin-fokker-van-die-Bellville, has been making massive waves locally with his latest EP, Jy Dink Jy’s Cooler As Ekke, making local Afrikaans K-Tonians rock their tits off. He’s also been featuring NP Projek on quite a number of gigs, and if you’ve heard their tracks, you’ll know they’re the pumping-parody-duo from north of the Boerewors Gordyn, popularised with their satirical spin-offs like Kraaibak 911, Baby Stokvis and Doom, Doom.

Saturday’s gig would deliver everything you’d expect from this crew; the crowd was righteously entertained. Surprising enough the venue was Lambertsbaai’s Community Centre, and not at the festival’s location. Although, come to think of it, maybe putting this bunch just before or after Steve Hofmeyer could have erupted into quite an interesting clash of personalities.

Cover was a bit steep at a hundred bucks, yet there was no shortage of people there. Another unfortunate factor was the venue itself, obviously not being a pub or club the environment didn’t really allow for great sound, but I don’t think anyone there gave a single shit about it; they were too pumped to rock out with their cocks out. The bar was minimally stocked, but fortunately there was great support from the Jagermeister guys, with tons of merchandise give-aways.

By the time NP Projek hit the stage, everyone had enough time to get well fucked up on the Jager, thanks mostly to those lovely ladies keeping us hydrated. Their set was kicking the bejesus out of everyone there, with only a slight technical sound issue thanks to some drunken bastard who killed the Speaker line. With the exception of those ten quiet minutes, the rest of it was really kief. Even though I’ve been a fan of NP Projek, and known them for probably longer than either of us would like to admit, it’s the first gig I’ve attended; I’m pretty glad that was the case, as this was one seriously awesome event. Pierre and Noulan were obviously having a jol on stage, dropping some great next-level beats. After their set, Jack Parow made the place pump like crazy. The set was great, the performance even more so. His lyrical madness had every Afrikaans bastard in that place losing their mind to his tracks, and it was evident by the end of the evening that the party was definitely not over.

Afterwards we found ourselves at a local pub in Lambertsbay where we continued to indulge in pool and Jager-bombs to our heart’s delight (a considerably large amount it would seem). I do recall being asked kindly by the police to leave somewhere in the wee hours of the morning, which in turn translated to “let’s go party at the back of the kitchen where no-one can hear us”. I can’t really remember much from that point on, but I do know that it was an ass-kicking event, so if you do have opportunity to join our mates NP Projek or Jack Parow at any one of their gigs do so! Their next event together is at the Vlakvarkgat Rock Festival, and includes numerous other acts. See the Facebook Event

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