Break Out the Bongs!
State governments in the USA have started kicking up various marijuana laws regardless of the plant’s federal status. In the past few days Washington State has ammended it’s medical marijuana bill in favor of the wonder weed (Story Here), while Nederland, Colorado has become another city to scrap all civil and criminal penalties for private possession by popular vote (Story Here).

This comes a few weeks before voters in California go to the poles for legalisation for personal consumption and controlled distribution. As you can imagine, this will be the single biggest decriminalisation since prohibition was lifted, yet still the federal government is doing everything in its power to make legal stoners nervous and uncomfortable. Grass makes you paranoid enough guys, no need to add to it!

Stoners everywhere were fucking ecstatic!

Stoners everywhere were fucking ecstatic!

What does it mean for us here in K-Town though? Well, as we all know the USA has constituted itself fucking GOD over everything, so most likely it might filter through to us within a few years and we can all just go about our everyday Cape Town lives, as we always do… Minus the paranoia of sleeping in Woodstock Police Station of course…

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