Easter Weekend, 1993. At the edge of the Apartheid regime came a final blow to the White Supremecy and the war on a minority ruled nation; the execution of Chris Hani fuelled a fire that burned with a volatile flame into the night. Now we sit seventeen years later with a very similar scenario; the murder of a leader of an oppressed people. There is no question the death of Eugene Terre’Blanch will spark a new fire, and possibly initiate a snowball effect able to swallow what little stability our nation has.

Unlike the death of Hani, there is no clear reason to think this was a politically orientated execution, and that almost makes it worse. Here we have a prime example of how a racially volatile environment doesn’t need reason to ignite. Police reports are saying it was a wage dispute that triggered the two men to bludgeon Eugene to death, yet there is absolutely no doubt that the unconstitutional racial hatred continually being instigated by leaders of the ruling party has not helped the situation. Here we sit, 16 years after the liberation struggle has ended, and in the minds of some people it still rages on.

Now, I’m not going to justify Terre’Blanch’s life or ideologies; his racial attacks and drive of white supremacy with no intellectual backing made him no better than Julius himself. It is also no surprise that Eugene died by the racial sword he kept wielding. The real question here is what the consequences of such a brutal murder are, and how it will affect the lives of everyday South Africans.

Many Afrikaners have been outraged by this attack, vowing revenge on anyone involved or responsible to any degree. Whether it will actually happen is a different question; we’re not exactly known for jumping on the bandwagon together, but more so for each selfishly creating his own bandwagon and followers. This is the problem faced by a minority fighting amongst themselves while fighting the ‘new’ oppressors as they are so eloquently referred to. If we have no unity in our own sects, then what is the true meaning of “Eendracht Maakt Macht”, which Afrikaners holler and sing with great enthusiasm and nostalgia.

Yet I do think there will be a certain sense of cohesion between some Afrikaners post this, but will it be at the cost of alienating thousands of other Afrikaners who have been fighting towards a united, liberated South Africa? This is a sad reality of the AWB leader’s sudden propulsion into Martyrdom; his Che Guevara-esque status will initiate and fuel a rift between most Afrikaners, separating the racist supremists from those who can’t be bothered… For those supremists this is the spark they needed to fuel an underground war; but will it be all-out civil war, or just the same series of humiliating murders and people being dragged behind a Bakkie through the town as the flesh tears over the tar?

The latter will continue to happen for a few generations; no matter what the race, between us all there are the Julius Malema’s and Eugene Terre’Blanch’s who cannot let go of the past because it’s the only thing that gets their heart racing; those who still hamper with the immature, imperialist and racist notions we see in the news every day.

The former will be an interesting avenue which will play along the AWB’s very core. A civil war would deal a very damaging blow to the democratic South Africa; yet for these supremist Afrikaners it would be jihad of sorts, fought on the bloody tracks of oppressed Afrikaners ancestors who survived the concentration camps of the British and the assassinations by diplomatic tribal partners (reference to Bloedrivier). Whether they will succeed is wholly dependant on their ability to mobilise and organise, and this I feel may be the downfall of any such action. Yet should they be able to overcome these obstacles, the declaration of an independent Boere Republic will almost be imminent. Constance Viljoen and Eugene Terre’Blanch both had very opposing views on this possibility, separating the AWB for a long time, but when the AWB re-emerged in 2004 echoing Constance’s notions towards an independent republic, it was obvious that this possibility now exists. Eugene was quoted as saying he’d even take this position to The Hague in Belgium for international recognition.

This puts the ANC in a very precarious position, it eats at the very center of their united South Africa; sadly it is the product of their own inability to quell a fire before it becomes an inferno. It is not so much the fact that Julius Malema’s mouth is still opening and closing with illegible gibberish coming out, but more the fact that they are still challenging the mechanisms of law which they themselves instituted by challenging the courts on what is and is not hate-speech. By failing to create trust and unity in their party, never mind the nation, they can only expect these kinds of reactions.

So now we have three options on the road forward. One, expect life to go on as usual with a few explosive debates, some racial tension in the news and one or two flairs of violence; nothing new from what we are accustomed to. Two, wait for Civil War and seek asylum in Europe or Canada; this will give you enough time to resettle in a foreign country. Or three, await Civil War, join the new independent republic and sell lots of t-shirts, stickers, posters, badges and flags with Eugene’s face stamped on; a new line of merchandise which might make life in The United States of Stellaland quite comfortable…