There’s been a considerable amount of mud-slinging in the South African political circles over the past few months; more specifically it has been between Julius Malema and the rest of humanity. This cunt is still yabbering his mouth off continuously, and the recent spat of shit-slinging has caused a wave of discomfort and anger!

K-Town prefers to remain a non-partisan blog, we have no preference for a political party, our belief is that governance should be primarily focussed on improving the lives of everyone in South Africa with regards to healthcare, education and so on. Whomever does the best job of changing the lives of everyday South Africans and K-Tonians for the good has our support.

Yet, one thing we cannot stand is unjust leadership; and Julius Malema is the poster-child for an absolute shit-stirrer. His recent rallies have proven this with his singing of the legendary struggle song ‘Kill the Boer’. The ANC has said that Afrikaners are ‘too sensitive’ about this; and it has caused considerable outcry from various circles.

Our sister blog has also posted a response to this statement from the ANC, and you can read it here. Please note that it is R18 for language.

Via PoeticExecutioner