It’s weekend you K-Tonian bastards, and you know what that means; getting shit-faced for no apparent reason and regretting every moment of it the next morning! Nice 😉

Now in order to ensure maximum shit-facedness, here’s what’s happening around the Mother City over the weekend…

SenCity 2010
SenCity is probably the only party in Cape Town which caters for both hearing and hearing-impaired clubbers! At the forefront of ‘clubbing-technology’ (whatever that is) is the Sense Floor, which vibrates as the tunes are pumping… How fucking sweet it that? Plus, there will be sign-dancers, translating the lyrics into sign language. The whole idea is to party with your senses, ALL your senses…

This will be one epic party, happening at the Biscuit Mill with The Rudimentals, and a killer line-up of DJ’s pumping till the wee hours of the morning. Fifty bucks gets you in…

Voel Dit!!

Voel Dit!

Check the Facebook Event Page here

Snoddie’s I’m So Lonely
Master of disaster and funny as the guy from AthleticsSA trying to lie his way through a press conference, Paul “Snoddie” Snodgrass brings comedy to the Baxter this weekend with his stand-up show “I’m So Lonely”. Produced by the legendary Rob Van Vuuren…

Taxi Violence will be opening for him tonight and tomorrow, with Andy Lund on Saturday. Tickets are 60 bucks.

Life According to Snoddie

Life According to Snoddie

Check the Baxter’s website here and book a ticket now. Do it. Like right now… Dooo eeeeet!

aKING at Corner Bar
If you’re behind the Boereword Gordyn this weekend, you can pop around to Corner Bar in Durbanville for a sweet gig on Friday with aKING. They’ll be supported by up-and-coming blues mafiosos, the Dane Taylor Trio.

Yeeah! Corner Baaah!

Yeeah! Corner Baaah!

Fifty bucks at the door, and you know it’s gonna be good! Check the Facebook page here