This week’s Unknown TV Chick hails from Utah in the States. She’s known for her relatively subtle role as Grace Van Pelt, the moral yardstick to Patrick Jane, in the series The Mentalist. Anyone who has seen the show knows it’s a serious hit; even though it is based on the age old criminal procedure series formula (it also has a better looking cast than Law and Order).

The 26 year old Amanda (can you believe it? Only 26…) hails from Utah, the land of mountains and Mormons. Fortunately she’s not a Mor(m)on as far as we know, which is a good thing if you’re taking photos of her to the bathroom at 3 in the morning (because Mormonism is a very serious disease, like Down Syndrome and Malema-fever).

She started her career as a film producer, but soon moved over the acting more permanently with roles in The O.C., and also in the 2006 film Return to House on Haunted Hill, and 2008’s Friday the 13th. (She also starred in a series called K-Ville… how cool is that?)

You can see her every week in The Mentalist on M-Net (Wednesdays @ 20:30)

Good Lord Woman!

Good Lord Woman!

Check out her official website here