Maybe a Supercar Showdown Wasn’t a Great Idea
A recent inpromptu supercar showdown went terribly wrong for owners of a Ferrari and Lamborghini.

A wedding hosted at Eshowe’s sport centre left a trail of destruction as the party trashed the fields with broken glasses and bottles. Wealth abounded with Mercs and Porsches present, but also a brand spanking new Ferrari and Lamborghini, each still with paper plates. The owners decided it was time for an old-fashioned drag down Kangella Str, but it with these two morons having to explain to both the police and their insurance companies what happened. Smart move morons.

You dumb-ass motherfucker...

You dumb-ass motherfucker...

You can read more at MyZA via 2Oceansvibe

Road Sign Fails
Generally speaking, it’s tough enough for people to understand road signs, more specifically the ‘Keep Left’ sign… But others are more silly and incomprehensible. Here’s 10 of these greatly confusing and funny road signs…



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Two Certain Things: Death & Taxes
You can’t necessarily avoid the afterlife (bar succumbing to Vampirism or becoming a Jellyfish), but there are lots you can do to avoid paying taxes. The responsible thing to do is to pay your way… and ride the system dry on write-offs!

For some this works well, but once in a while that R12,000 business dinner at Teazers draws more attention than you had hoped; like this guy who paid someone to torch his business, then wrote the expense off as a ‘consultant’ charge!

Check it out here at A Whole Lot of Nothing

Awesome Artwork (Band Posters, Etc)

TheeOhSees by Nick Tassone

TheeOhSees by Nick Tassone

See the entire range here at his site.

Here It Is, The Truth

because there IS no explanation?

Because there IS no explanation?

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What Are The Odds?
Statistics are one of those wonderfully flexible things. In fact, 72% of statistics and odds are made up on the spot. How many times have you heard the ‘ten-to-one’ odds, and though to yourself bullshit, it’s gotta be more? Well you can check the odds for yourself at The Book of Odds.

Here is an example:

• The odds a person will visit an emergency department due to an accident involving a toothbrush in a year are 1 in 99,340, making a toothbrush slightly more dangerous on average than a garage door.

Check it out at Book of Odds