Crazy Mistakes Gone Great
Photography is an amazing invention that has changed the way we interact sociologically, and it has come a long way from dusty physical images of rooftops and angry-looking old people to today’s digital shots of cats doing bizarre poses with badly spelled one-liners all over the net (ala LOLCats).

The interesting thing about photography, though, is that it was basically born out of someone’s inability to clean up after himself. Yeah, that’s one for procrastination! Over at Mental Floss there’s a collection of 8 scientific discoveries that came thanks to laziness, boredom and making mistakes.

Thank you Mr. Photography-inventor-guy! No, really THANK YOU!

Thank you Mr. Photography-inventor-guy! No, really THANK YOU!

Check out the entire article here for some kief info. Via Mental Floss

Seriously Hardcore Baby Accessories
So your mate just had a baby, and you want to get them the ultimate present. You want to get something that expresses how hardcore your buddy was before he had to succumb to fatherhood, but a ‘My Dad’s A Rock Star’ T-Shirt just won’t cut it and they’re all out of Iron Maiden rattlers…

Worry not! Na Zha Baby Boutique brings you some of the most hardcore, bad-ass and seriously awesome accessories like cradles, rattlers and even walkers boasting machine guns. Yes, walkers with machine guns!

How fucking awesome is this?

How fucking awesome is this?

You can check the entire range out here. Via WebUrbanist

Amazing Fact Generator
If you’re one of those people who love pulling totally useless facts out of nowhere at the pub with your mates, then this one’s for you. Mental Floss Magazine has always been an amazing source of information worthy of a mention and a laugh over a few draughts, and now they’ve got the amazing Amazing Fact Generator which gives you short, useless facts at the click of a button.

Here’s just a few of these from the site:
‘Jay’ used to be slang for ‘foolish person.’ So
when a pedestrian ignored street signs, he was
referred to as a ‘jaywalker.

In 1976, the Chicago White Sox were nearly
laughed off the field when they wore Bermuda
shorts to the game.

The Australopithecus afarensi hominid skeleton
found in Ethiopia in 1974 was nicknamed Lucy in
honor of the Beatles song, “Lucy in the Sky with