For base jumpers and stock brokers alike, Cape Town has always presented one very inhibiting problem; a lack of proper highrise buildings to accidentally or intentionally plummet to your death, kissing the concrete like a Checkers bag filled with vegetable soup. Since 1993 there have been zero, count them, zero, new high-rise developments in the city. People in the know suggest that the global economy being pretty broke lately, along with developments earlier including 9-fucking-11 (it’s just to blame for bloody everything), have caused this lack in über-urban-development.

Now Old Mutual Investment Group Property Investments (fuck, try to develop a catchy brand out of that one!) is changing that with a tower that will blow your fucking socks off. The Portside development, coming in at a bill of about R1.2 billion, will be the first post-apartheid skyscraper built in Cape Town. The building should tower to 148m, making it the tallest man-made structure in the city (allowing also a proper splat-factor for bankers on the next economic downturn).

The towering splendour is designed by Louis Karol (who was also responsible for Safmarine House, the last tall building built in K-Town, coming in at 123m), and will comprise of 8 Parking Floors, 24 Office Floors, a 5-Storey Hotel and a large retail component. Sources suggest this is going to be a seriously epic masterpiece.

Construction is planned to finish around April 2011, although knowing Cape Tonians, it should probably be finished, well, whenever they fucking get to it. The building site is located at the corner of Hans Strijdom and Machau Street in the city bowl (which is across the road from Cecil Nurse, the Cullinan Hotel and the unfinished bypass). City officials costed the blank site at around R89million.

All parties are hailing this as a massive victory for Green Architecture, as this will be one of the most efficient structures in K-Town, aiming to achieve 4 out of 5 stars on the Green Building Council of South Africa’s Green Star system.

From the looks of things, this is going to be one serious motherfucker.

Artist's Impression, and bloody marvellous image at that!

Artist's Impression, and bloody marvellous image at that!

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