Once a year the vibrant city of Cape Town allows some of the strangest fucking people in theatre loose on the streets (scary shit usually). But not so much this time around; Spier brings you ‘Infecting the City’ and by all accounts the name is completely accurate!

This week-long innercity theater festival takes some of the most thought provoking performance art to locations all around the beautiful K-Town! The pieces vary from weird ‘artsy-fartsy’ holocaust stories (complete with illegible dialogue and spastic performers) in District 6 theaters to ballet with Caterpillar Diggers in the Grand Parade (thought it was gonna take the guy’s fucking head off)

I’ve made a point of seeing the last two years’ performances, and sure as shit it was worth every moment thereof. Watching performers light a huge bonfire inside a male figure, in the middle of the Adderley Street Fountains is a spectacle of note!

This year’s ITC will be no different, I’m sure. It’s starting on the 13th of Feb, so check out the schedule here and make sure you don’t miss this awesome, and I mean really fucking awesome, performance festival.